Pop-Up Tour Guide & Videos

The Pop-Up Tour is a unique way of leading a Cooking Matters at the Store (CMATS) tour outside of a grocery store.  IFFS generally will run a CMATS tour in place of the 5th week grocery store lesson to provide a more in-depth experience for participants. Where we are unable to physically travel to the grocery store, or there are other limitations such as physical or mental challenges, the pop-up versions is ideal!

These videos do not replace the CMATS online training found here.

Module 1 – Basic Information and Setting Up

Module 2 – Facilitated Dialogue

Module 3 – Produce:  Fruits & Vegetables [fresh, frozen, canned]

Module 4 – Protein

Module 5 – Dairy

Module 6 – Grains

Module 7 – Putting It All Together

Module 8 – MyPlate Challenge