What does a farm have to do with hunger relief?

If you ask us, everything.

The Food Shuttle Farm provides locally grown, chemical-free produce for those in need. Eighty percent of the land under cultivation grows food for distribution at our School Pantries, Mobile Tastiness Machine, Mobile Markets, and Grocery Bags for Seniors, providing the freshest produce possible to those in need. The remaining 20% percent of the crop goes towards for-profit production to contribute to the farm's financial stability. 

Why does it matter?

It's important for our community to understand the relationship between growing food locally, sustainably, using organic methods, and local food insecurity.  Oftentimes, the best way to understand a food system is to see it in action. That's the Food Shuttle Farm.

Food Shuttle Farm Location

2300 Dover Farm Rd
Raleigh, NC, 27606


Refugee farming communitY


The Food Shuttle Farm provides land for Karen refugee families from Burma to grow food.  We have 12 families that are farming on our land and growing culturally appropriate and conventional American produce for their families and to share within their communities. In their native country, they often owned family plots of lands and grew their own food. Learn More

Farm stanD


You can purchase produce and pasture-raised eggs grown at the Food Shuttle Farm! Each purchase goes to support Food Shuttle hunger relief programs and helps make the farm financially self-sufficient.

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