Culinary Resources

This page will be updated frequently to include new materials, videos, and more that you can use in training volunteers or coordinating courses. Let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll make it happen.

Recipe Converter Calculator

Most recipes in the participant guides are for a family of four. To ensure accuracy when scaling up for classes, you can use this recipe converter calculator.

Knife Safety & Skills Videos

Do you need a refresher on knife safety and cutting skills? NC State students have put together supplemental knife demonstration videos.

Pinch & Claw

Picking the Correct Utensil

Where’s the Core

More Than One Way to Peel a Food

Making a Flat Surface

Slicing, Julienning, Cubing, Dicing, and Mincing

Pesky Seeds

Preparing Foods that Sting

Instructional Cooking Videos

Here is a selection of videos you can use in team training or in classes themselves, covering the activities that participants use or ask about most frequently.

Basic Knife Skills by Tasty

Chop an Onion

Mince Garlic




Brown Meat


Measure Ingredients

Cut a Whole Chicken

Make Chicken Stock

Hard Boil an Egg

Poach an Egg

Make a Basic Vinaigrette Dressing