Cooking Matters at the Store Training (CMATS)

Thank you for your interest in leading Cooking Matters at the Store tours in your community.  Prior to a volunteer’s first tour, this online orientation needs to be completed.  The Cooking Matters at the Store training begins now! The orientation will take approximately one hour to complete.


Are you leading a Pop-Up Tour version of CMATS for your Cooking Matters course?

You will still need to complete the following modules in order to complete your training. We also have the Pop-Up Tour Resource Guide for you to use in addition to/in place of the CMATS Facilitator Guide.  This Resource Guide contains all of the main points in the CMATS Facilitator Guide, and adds in specific information corresponding to the Pop-Up Tour Toolkit you will use in your class.  

Pop-Up Tour Resource Guide 


Watch this general introduction video put together by Share Our Strength about Cooking Matters at the Store

Step 1

Complete the following seven training videos.  These are broken into separate modules in order to give you breaks as you learn about the program and curriculum.

Step 2


CMATS Module 1 – Program Overview

In this module you will get a feel for the overall goals for Cooking Matters at the Store


CMATS Module 2 - Learner Centered Model

This module will discuss the educational model that will be used in CMATS  and Cooking Matters courses


CMATS Module 3 – Tour Overview

This module will give you a brief introduction of how the tour works


CMATS Module 4 – Before the Tour

This module will discuss what needs to be accomplished with participants before the tour begins on the day of your CMATS event.


CMATS Module 5 – During the Tour

This module will go through each of the main objectives to be covered during the tour.


CMATS Module 6 – After the Tour

This module will go through what needs to accomplished after the tour has been completed.


CMATS Module 7 – Measuring & Evaluating Impact

In this module, you will wrap up your understanding of a Cooking Matters at the Store tour


Complete the brief Facilitator Intake Survey.  This survey will take two to five minutes to complete. Fill out and return the Cooking Matters at the Store Volunteer Instructor Waiver and Release Form to the Cooking Matters Coordinator at IFFS (email a scanned and signed copy to

Step 3


Observe a Cooking Matters at the Store tour, if possible.

If you have signed up to volunteer with an upcoming CMATS event, there will be scheduled days to observe a CMATS tour. Contact the CMATS coordinator to find out more about upcoming tours in your area.

Step 4


Study your facilitator guide.

Finally, you will need to study your facilitator guide, introduction guide, and guide for the $10 Challenge activity.  The facilitator guide is an invaluable resource, so we suggest becoming very familiar with its content well before conducting your first tour.

Facilitator’s Introduction Guide

Facilitator’s Guide to $10 Challenge

Step 5 

Congratulations!  You are now registered and trained as a Cooking Matters at the Store Tour Facilitator.