Cooking Matters Volunteer Training Module 1: Before Attending Train the Trainer

Below is the FIRST STEP to becoming a volunteer for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s (IFFS) Cooking Matters courses.

  1. Complete the Cooking Matters volunteer training on the Cooking Matters webiste.
  2. Look over the Cooking Matters Gold Standards and Cooking Matters at the Store Gold Standards.


  1. Attend in-person Train-the-Trainer
  2. Proceed to Module 2 – Lesson by Lesson Videos and view the videos relevant for the class you have signed up to teach
  3. Complete your training with Module 3 – Tips for Teaching videos (also located here on

For questions about selecting a Cooking Matters class, training videos, or Train-the-Trainer, contact our AmeriCorps Coordinator at  We look forward to meeting you in person at Train-the-Trainer!