backyard garden

PARticipate with Plant A Row!

We know it's easy to get caught up in summertime activities, but Plant A Row for the Hungry is a simply way to give back to your community through your summer harvest! While you're at the beach soaking up rays, or enjoying a neighborhood cook out you can still be fighting hunger in your backyard with your growing garden! Surplus veggies from your garden can be dropped off at locations across the Triangle, and Inter-Faith Food Shuttle will take your home-grown food to people in need. Whether it is 2 tomatoes or a bushel of corn- every bit helps feed hungry stomachs in the Greater Triangle.

Watch the video below to see what the IFFS team does when the garden is overrun by extra veggies!

Encourage your fellow green thumbs to donate produce to the Food Shuttle- becoming a PAR member is quite easy!  Simply contact Don ( to get started.

Do your part to help fight hunger; lets cultivate a culture of giving in the Triangle!