Nasher Museum

Chef Terri's art inspired menu at the Nasher Museum

Today we're unveiling Chef Terri's impressive art inspired menu for the  "Summer Days, Nasher Nights" series at the Nasher Museum on June 24th! As we mentioned last week, you won't want to miss this culinary masterpiece on Thursday night.  Make reservations online for the 3 course dinner, plus you'll have no extra charge for museum admission. Take a look at the menu below!

This three-course meal of excellence (for only $30!) inspired us to attempt creating another work of art- this time we were inspired by impressionism!

Art, Art everywhere and not a drop to drink

We here at the Behind the Scenes blog think we know you a little bit. You loved us when we celebrated Bob Dylan's partnership with Feeding America. You were estatic when we observed National Poetry Month. We get it. You come to the blog because you are passionate about fighting hunger, but you are also urbane and sophisticated. You appreciate the finer things in life and we do to. So we are proud to announce a fantastic partnership, a unique intersection of Art and Hunger Relief: our very own Chef Terri Hutter is the Culinary Artist at the Nasher Museum in Durham for June! This is part of the Nasher's "Summer Days, Nasher Nights" series.  Chef'll be cooking up an art inspired three course dinner next Thursday, June 24.Check it out here. Keep coming back to the blog for more info on the dinner and some surprises. We are pretty darn inspired and will be creating some high quality art to commemorate this honor. Here's our first effort: Warhol Chef