This summer we had the good fortune of hosting three UNC Chapel Hill interns from the Gillings School of Public Health, as well as two undergraduate interns from NC State.  Here is a little about what they worked on over the summer...





Samantha Tinsley, Meredith Ebersohl, Lesley Rollins:

 UNC School of Public Health Graduate Student Interns

Samantha, Lindsey, and Meredith worked with multiple pieces of IFFS's Nutrition Education Programs.  From teaching a Cooking Matters course with Communities in Schools, to working at the IFFS Teaching Farm, these ladies have experienced a little of everything offered by IFFS.  Their main projects focused on designing a Nutrition Summer Camp for the IFFS Teaching Farm; designing a garden plot for toddlers; and constructing a surrounding fence for the farm.


Kevin WIlson

Becky Dobosy and Kevin Wilson:

Health Educator Interns from NC State University

Becky and Kevin worked as the Health Educator Interns with the Food Matters at Mobile Markets Program.  Using the Food Matters curricula, they each prepared presentations for various IFFS Mobile Markets in Wake, Johnston, and Durham counties throughout the summer.  This program utilized public speaking, nutrition knowledge, and culinary skills.


Michelle Borges:

Nutrition Programs Assistant Intern from NC State University

Michelle worked primarily with developing curricula for IFFS's Mobile Tastiness Machine Food Truck.  Working alongside our summer AmeriCorps VISTA, Jennifer Ozkurt, Michelle helped with editing curricula layout, developing interactive activities, and piloting the program at the Mobile Tastiness Machine at Parrish Manor in Garner, NC.


Meet Hannah Hess - Health Educator Intern with IFFS

My name is Hannah Hess and I am one of the Health Educator Interns at Inter-Faith Food Shuttle! I am a graduating senior at Meredith College majoring in Bachelor of Science in Foods/Nutrition. After taking an Introduction to Nutrition class, I found that Nutrition was a field that sparked my interest.  It became something that I wanted to continue learning more about and sharing with others. The fundamental role nutrition plays in our lives makes this subject intriguing to me. My long term goal is to be in an occupation that I am passionate about – one that has purpose aimed to change others’ lives and give them inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. While interning at IFFS, I have taken on the role of leading cooking demonstrations and preparing samples to pair with each Food Matters lesson at Mobile Markets. Each recipe prepared is used to reiterate the nutritional message of that month.  At each market you never know how the people will react to the samples, especially since many of the markets are at 8:30am and we are serving spaghetti or another dish that is usually served as lunch or dinner.  However, participants are always willing to try what you have made, and give their opinions on the dish whether it be “it needs more salt” or “it’s delicious!”  This internship is fun and a great, hands-on way to become involved with the community.

Introducing: Megan Dixon

by Megan Dixon Hi, my name is Megan and I am one of the new Health Educator Interns at Inter-Faith Food Shuttle!  I am currently a senior at North Carolina State University majoring in both Biological Sciences and Nutrition Sciences. Originally, I had I planned on being a nurse when I started at NCSU, so I was majoring in biology.  Shortly after I discovered that I was a true foodie at heart; if I see something I have never eaten, I become obsessed with it until I actually try it. So I figured, why not take a nutrition course? After the first week of my Introduction to Nutrition class I had my “Ah Hah!” moment that I think everyone in college seeks to have. I finally found something that I was truly passionate about and was actually applicable to real life (I still do not see how calculus could be applicable in real life, but I will not give up hope!). So while I was taking my first nutrition class I immediately added Nutrition Sciences as my second major.

Since then I have taken many more nutrition courses and some food science courses. I have learned so much and I could not wait to share my knowledge with others. Last semester, I acted as chef in a Cooking Matters class put on by my Community Nutrition class. I had the privilege and delight to teach eight “tweens” how to make budget friendly, healthy, and tasty meals at home. I also worked with a small company, Delight Soy last year, where I witnessed what goes on in the food industry first hand when it came to formulating new products, good manufacturing practices, and some business elements.

During my time at IFFS, I will be teaching the nutrition portion of the Food Matters curricula at Mobile Markets. I truly enjoy my internship and always look forward to hearing how people are enhancing their lives by choosing more nutritious options. I feel like I am doing something worthwhile because everyone needs proper nutrition.

Introducing: Annie Lassiter

by Annie Lassiter Hi!  I’m Annie and I recently started interning with the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.  I’m a senior in Applied Nutrition at North Carolina State University.  I originally began at NCSU with a major in Human Biology.  However, after an Introduction to Human Nutrition, I fell in love with the subject and switched majors.  My focus is really on childhood nutrition.  It is incredibly rewarding to have kids taste a healthy food or drink for the first time and tell you that they like it.  Working in the community is critical for forming healthy, lifelong habits.  By exposing kids to basic nutrition concepts and healthy eating practices, we can help them have a healthier lifestyle throughout their whole life.

I play clarinet in the NCSU marching band, so if you ever go to a football game, look for me on the field at half time. I’ll be the one in red! I also play in my church orchestra every Sunday, which I feel is a wonderful way to give my time and talents.  In the past, I have volunteered with Cooking Matters for Teens, which taught me a lot about working with kids.  Last summer I got the opportunity to teach Food Chemistry at the All Arts, Sciences, and Technology camp, through UNCG.  I taught elementary and middle school students how to make simple recipes like cookies, soup, and ice cream.  I had a blast getting to work with the students in the classroom setting as well as during the every day camp activities.  I also worked with Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) last summer, conducting focus groups with low-income mothers and their use of social media. This was definitely a new experience in assisting with research, working with adults, and helping with the writing process.

In my time with the Food Shuttle, I will be teaching a Cooking Matters for Kids course; I am really excited to get more teaching experience and I absolutely love children.  I have always had a passion for nutrition, so teaching nutrition to kids is just wonderful!