Crop Mob

Crop Mob, Steven Horton and IFFS

Have you seen this article in the Independent Weekly about the Crop Mob? Great stuff as usual from the folks at the Indy. We've been working with the Crop Mob for the past few months. In fact, the first Crop Mob in Wake County took place at the Food Shuttle Farm in September. They helped us plant our fall garden. The article talks to Steven Horton about his involvement with the Crop Mob. Steven helps with our community gardens and at the Food Shuttle farm. Watch Steven talk about what he does at the Food Shuttle, the Crop Mob and more in the video below.  And if you want to lend a hand with our gardens and farm, check out our Crew Call here.

This weekend's special Crew Call, Potluck and more!

Raleigh Crop Mob’s 1st Work-Action at IFFS Farm

Sunday September 13: 2:00pm-8:00pm

This is a very special Crew Call in cooperation with the Raleigh Crop Mob’s first Work-Action at IFFS Farm (see map directions below).  Raleigh Crop Mob is building on the Crop Mob model developed by young farmers and Local Ag. Activists in Orange and Chatam Co. to assist local farmers with “spontaneous” volunteer work days.  Raleigh Crop Mob will meet once a month on a different local farm to work. learn and eat together.  An evening meal will be provided by Food Shuttle at 6:30.  Participants are encouraged to bring musical instruments for a jam session after dinner.  Please RSVP to CropMob Coord. Steve Horton so we will know who to expect for dinner!

Map to of the IFFS Farm on 2401 Dover Farm Road:

Farm Potluck Moved to NEXT WEEK: September 15 at 6:30

We will discuss our plans for ramping up the Farm and Garden program to meet these new challenges at the Farm Potluck next Tuesday, Sept 15th at 6:30.  We would love to have you and anyone else who is interested in IFFS’s farm and garden projects come out and join us for good food and conversation.

Map of the IFFS Farm on 2401 Dover Farm Road:


Additional Weekly Local Ag Conversations

There is a weekly Student Local Ag. Discussion group mediated by Steve Horton and Sun Butler that plans to meet every Thursday from 4-6 PM at the Farm House Restaurant at 3011 Hillsborough St. in Raleigh at the corner of Friendly Dr.  Outside agitators are welcome.  Contact Steve for details