Mission Moment: 7-Year-Old Hadley Hayes Turns Lemons into Meals for BackPack Buddies

Kids and their lemonade stands are a natural part of summertime.  A cold glass of lemonade can go a long way toward helping break the sultry heat of a summer day in eastern North Carolina.  When 7-year-old Hadley Hayes decided to try her hand at the business of lemonade sales, she wanted to do so to raise money for a cause.  Hadley and her mom did some research on the web about local giving and service opportunities, and BackPack Buddies stood out to them right away.  According to Hadley’s mom Erin, “The thought of her peers at school not having food to eat on the weekend bothered her and we felt confident in our decision to donate to your program.” 


Hadley, along with brother Bennett and sister Lawson, raised $100 through her lemonade business venture ($80 through sales and an additional $20 in donations from friends and family).  This money will provide much-needed weekend meals and snacks for children who would otherwise go hungry when school is not in session during the school year.


The Hayes family, who lives in Apex, takes the needs of others in their community to heart.  “We talk often during our meal times about how thankful we need to be for the food that we have and that others nearby aren’t as fortunate as us.  But it’s challenging to really grasp that it’s true,” says mom Erin. “When I read on your site that said 1 in 5 children in North Carolina are at risk for hunger it took me by surprise.  Surely there are enough of us not at risk of hunger to help those that are.”


It’s a lesson that has definitely been passed on to young Hadley.  Hadley mentioned that the main reason she wanted to help kids not be hungry was so they can be happy. Hadley said, “I love smiles on faces and you can’t smile easily if you’re hungry”.  Donating her lemonade stand money made her feel super glad and her heart happy.  She hopes all the kids are happy.  Because of Hadley and her generous, happy heart, more children will be able to smile thanks to the meals provided by the BackPack Buddies program of Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.