Mission Moment: Warren Shaw, Food Recovery & Distribution Volunteer

Mission moments are stories we share with each other to inform, inspire and motivate. Sometimes it is hard to remember exactly why we are here… Mission Moments remind us all just how lucky we are to be able to do this important work.


Warren Shaw is officially our most senior volunteer—he just celebrated his 93rd birthday on May 23rd. Warren first started at the Food Shuttle in 1992 when a friend of his from church needed to schedule a substitute while he was in the hospital. Warren stepped up, and never left! He still volunteers at the Food Shuttle 3 days a week, as well as one day a week at Garner Area Ministries. He also assists with side handyman projects like building storage for our tables, cutting down tree limbs on the property, and improving the Food Shuttle Farm sign by adding shingles to it. He has been honored with the Wake County Volunteer Service Award. The Food Shuttle would be a much different place without Warren. The Food Shuttle is honored to inspire this incredible level of dedication & service.