Volunteers Dedicated to Grocery Bags for Seniors

A little-known fact about Grocery Bags for Seniors is that it is one of the longest running program at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, after our traditional food recovery and distribution. What’s made it have such longevity is that it also has some of our most loyal volunteers.

Members of Wake Baptist Grove Church packing Grocery Bags for Seniors

Wake Baptist Grove Church has volunteered with Grocery Bags for Seniors for more than 25 years. That’s almost the existence of the Food Shuttle. Some members of their ministry have been packing and delivering the bags since day one, while others this is their very first year.

“It provides great fellowship amongst our team,” says Vivian Williams, of Wake Baptist Grove Church. “The benefit is really two-fold – we deliver good food to seniors who enjoy seeing us come and we get to do it together.”  

The group delivers close to 120 bags to three different sites – Cedar Crest, Club Plaza, and Olde School Commons – every second Saturday of the month. It’s been mostly these same communities since Wake Baptist Grove started volunteering.

“It is a great way to interact with seniors and develop relationships.” Says Vivian. “We’ve become friends over the years, if they need something we talk to them and try to help them out. They anticipate us coming and are often sitting and waiting for us!” 

Volunteering for so long has often allowed them to see changes within the Food Shuttle. 

“What we are giving to seniors now is healthier, and there are recipes included,” says Vivian “I think it’s really great and I can tell the seniors appreciate it!” 

If you or your group want to sign up to volunteer with Grocery Bags for Seniors, find out more information by clicking here!