Food Shuttle & Meals on Wheels Partnering to Serve Seniors

The number of hungry seniors in our state is at an all time high. North Carolina is one of the 10 worst states for senior hunger with 18% of our seniors struggling to find food. A study at UNC reported that over half of their senior patients were malnourished. To better combat this problem, the Food Shuttle is now partnering with Meals on Wheels to better serve our senior population.

Meals on Wheels delivers meals to Wake County residents who are 60 or older and homebound, addressing some of the big obstacles that seniors face when it comes to getting enough food to eat - lack of access to transportation, functional limitations, and health problems.  

With this new partnership, the Food Shuttle is sending out 185 grocery bags every month with Meals on Wheels home deliveries. The goal is to supplement senior’s fixed income and provide food for the weekends.  This week’s bag included staples such as potatoes, milk, canned fruit, oatmeal, rice, green beans and oranges. We work diligently to source food that is nutritious but also easy for seniors to prepare.

“It’s a perfect partnership,” says Chasity Newkirk, Food Shuttle Senior Nutrition Programs Manager. “It allows us to expand our reach while providing seniors with more nutritious options during the month, and hopefully decrease the risk of malnutrition.”

The goal is to expand the partnership to serve even more seniors through Meals on Wheels in the future.