Mission Moment: Travis Avery, Driver

Mission Moments are stories we share from the field to inform, inspire and motivate. These moments remind us all just how lucky we are to be able to do this important work.

Travis Avery

Travis Avery

Q: Travis, tell us just a bit of background. Who are you and when did you start at the Food Shuttle?

A: I first started working at the Food Shuttle in 2008. I left briefly, but came back and started back on the same route again—the Farmers Market Route—I drove Ms. Ann Bumgardner for years. I was a carpenter before I worked here. I have been married for 13 years, I have two sons, Preston & Braston, and I like to vacation and travel.

Q: Please share what the Mission Moment means to you & your job.

A: The most important thing to me about my job is being able to help the seniors and the kids. I like to see others happy…feed them, help them save money. I enjoy building a personal relationship with the people and agencies over time. Murphy School Apartments, Magnolia Apartments, Meals on Wheels at St. Saviors, they have all been my customers for years. I have learned the faces, and I have missed some of those faces when they have passed on. I love talking to the older folks, learning from them.

Q: So how do these relationships influence your day?

A: That is what gives me the drive. When people’s faces light up, just by seeing me arrive. It’s not just a job you go to for the wages. Sharing the love is what keeps me getting up in the morning.