A Career of Giving

How do you measure the impact of Kitty Banks? For us at the Food Shuttle, the only answer is in love.  Kitty leaves this week to take an awesome new opportunity to head up Urban Ministries’ Helen Wright Center, where she will undoubtedly make an impact on every life she touches.

Whether you were one of her culinary students, a catering partner, a volunteer, or a fellow staff member – if you were part of the Food Shuttle family, you were part of Kitty’s family. Kitty for more than 17 years has been the heart of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and she’s family for life.

Now it's our time to shower kitty in the same love she has so easily given during her time at the Food Shuttle. 

I don’t believe Kitty Banks has ever met a stranger. She greets everyone with a warm smile and a hug. She is genuine, honest, and strong … my favorite qualities in a woman.

I have a lot of reasons to be grateful for my many years of service to the Food Shuttle. One of the top reasons, though, is that it brought me into Kitty’s orbit. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to get to know, to be welcomed by, and to be enriched by the perspectives and life stories of people like Kitty.
— Sally Bache, Administrative Services Manager
Kitty was and is the heart and soul of the Food Shuttle. Nobody represents the mission of “transformative” like Kitty. She allowed the Food Shuttle to help her transform her own life and then paid that hope and inspiration forward to countless others. She is relentless with her passion, love, and determination to make EVERYone see their own inner truth and worthiness. Kitty=LOVE.
— Cindy Sink, Director of Community Impact and Advocacy
Kitty Banks has been an open book of God’s love and tender mercies. She has overcome adversities, loved, inspired, coached, and served communities in need with utmost commitment. May God’s light continue to shine through her for all to see his compassion towards all people.
— Elizabeth Rogers, Community Engagement Manager
Kitty banks is pure JOY. She is HOPE. She is LOVE. There is no one like her and there never will be another person like her. She is SO special. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to cross paths with Kitty Banks has been forever changed. She makes you feel like family. She has so much to teach, so much to share and so much light to shine out into the world. I know that she will take that light and positive energy and use it to transform even more lives in her new position. Her hugs, her laughter, her quick wit, and integrity will be so missed. We love you Kitty!!
— Katie Murray, Urban Agriculture Education Manager
I’ve often thought of the Food Shuttle as a dandelion gently scattering seeds of good throughout the community and Kitty Banks has long been its spiritual center. She brought a very unique perspective to our organization in that she knows what it’s like to be hungry for food as well as opportunity. She came up through the Culinary Training program and generously shared her wisdom and experience with others sending graduates off into the world to find their own way with confidence and skill. It was a joy to experience the warmth of her hug, words of encouragement, see her eyes sparkle especially when she told a joke. Kitty called Chef Terri Mom. Kitty is the favorite of the children. IFFS won’t be the same without Kitty Banks, but it’s a comfort to know she’ll be out in the community spreading good.
— Julie Cox, Child Hunger Programs Manager
Kitty Banks is nothing less than a remarkable blessing. She is without a reasonable doubt, an unforeseen blessing in my life. When the world around you seems like its beating you down with unappreciation, a hug from Kitty would inspire me to push on no matter what.

Her love for family is honestly what makes her the heart of the Food Shuttle. She has spent countless hours of sweat, tears, and smiles to help the Food Shuttle achieve its mission. Although change is dynamic and inevitable, Kitty Banks is steadfast and remains a true symbol of hope regardless of the circumstances that surrounds her, the organization, the people she loves, and the community she serves.
— Amber Simmons, Child Hunger Programs Supervisor
Kitty has been a very essential individual in the development and implementation of the Workforce Readiness and Culinary Training program. I remember her at some of the brainstorming meetings. On numerous occasions, I have witnessed her manage multiple responsibilities under pressure, process the sickness of an ill friend, travel the rocky path of the stages of grief and meet the demands of time constraints with grace. Just dealing with any one of those things listed above would have been enough to cause anyone to want to give up or in. Her strength commendable! There is a light inside of her that no darkness, resistance or discouragement can disturb.

Her commitment, flexibility and persistence is evident in her ability to refuse to allow challenges to cripple her and keep her from rising to the occasion. There were times when the culinary training program would need to change the order of the day with very little notice due to extenuating circumstances and she never complained or refused to find a way to make it all work seamlessly.

I am so honored that I have had the opportunity to work with an individual that possess so much grace, passion and commitment for whatever she puts her hands to do.
— Rashidah Myrie, Fostering Wellness Programs Manager