Mobile Markets Making a Difference

The Food Shuttle partners with area community centers and houses of worship to distribute healthy fresh foods free into low-income neighborhoods. Open Mobile Markets put hundreds of thousands of pounds of food directly into the hands of at-risk neighbors.

Mary is 83 years old, living on her own on a fixed income. Every month, Mary receives food from the Martin Street Baptist Church Mobile Market. Mary says she truly enjoys the food provided, and that service has been very beneficial—particularly when her son was living with her and battling cancer. She really needed the additional financial help, as well as nutritious foods that would support his recovery.

One of nine Mobile Market distribution points across the Triangle, our partnership with Martin Street Baptist began in 2012. Year-to-date IFFS and Martin Street Baptist have distributed over 170,000 pounds into this east Raleigh neighborhood. An average of 335 households monthly are served with over $75 worth of food each (per Feeding America product valuation).

Volunteer Zenobia Rogers hands out free, fresh onions to those in need of food at the Martin Street Mobile Market.

Mary characterizes herself as “old-school”. She says “I know how to stretch food and make things from scratch–I freeze a lot for later. The fresh collards, sweet potatoes, and cabbage … oooh, I just get excited over them!” But it isn’t just fresh produce she receives, Mobile Markets offer staples such as pasta, rice and canned goods.

The Johnston County Mobile Market, where we are providing additional support to victims of Hurricane Matthew, averages $89 in food distributed monthly to households. A client of that Market says – “If not for the food market there would be times we would go without food. We are on a fixed income and only get $16 a month in food stamps. The food is really good and fresh and we have a lot of variety to choose from. Thank you.”

Interested in volunteering at one of the Open Mobile Markets? Contact Abbie Riesett, our Volunteer Manager.