Volunteer Spotlight - The Cantrell Family


Volunteer Spotlight—The Cantrell Family

The Cantrell Family--Daryl & Jessica, and their six kids Rachel (11), Laura (9), Jacob (8), Michael (7), Katie (5), and Nathan (4)--all volunteer! The family lives in Apex, where Jessica is a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler.

How did you come to be an IFFS volunteer?

I learned about IFFS from a field trip I was on at the teaching farm.  We have been volunteering for about two years now. We help with Grocery Bags for Seniors, and on the Teaching Farm. We have also helped out with BackPack Buddies and the Geer Street Garden.

There are so many different opportunities to get involved and IFFS is very organized and welcoming, they make the jobs feel easy!

Describe a moment while volunteering with IFFS that felt very rewarding.

We all think volunteering with Grocery Bags for Seniors is so much fun! The kids love being in charge of their own food item to put into the bag, and love delivering the bags door to door.  One time a sweet woman at the senior center stopped to talk with the kids and tell them how much she appreciated all the hard work they were doing to provide food for their community.

What would you say to recruit a friend to volunteer with IFFS?

I would say: IFFS makes it so easy to become involved in such a real and important way.  We actually get to experience firsthand helping those in need and feeling the reward in our hearts from doing that work.

What's the most fun you ever had at the Food Shuttle?

Feeding the goats and collecting eggs on the teaching farm, as well as visiting with a good friend that we have made at the senior center.

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