Volunteer Spotlight: Ana Cardia

Ana Cardia lives in Cary. She is a Nutritionist and owner of Wholesome Eats LLC. She volunteers with our Nutrition Education team, teaching Cooking Matters classes. How did you come to volunteer for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle?

In 2011 while I was at NCSU getting my Masters in Nutrition, my Community Nutrition class volunteered at a senior location, and I have been working with Cooking Matters classes ever since. I love teaching these classes!

I enjoy showing the adult Cooking Matters students how to make healthy banana ice cream (see recipe below). Every class loves this recipe, and I really enjoy making it and showing them that eating healthy is both tasty and affordable!

Describe what makes for a rewarding volunteer experience.

Every class is rewarding. I love it when people come tell you that they did something that you taught them, or that they applied something they learned in class. There is just nothing better than hearing those words. That is what really makes my day!

What keeps you coming back to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle?

I really like the positivity and good energy—both from the Food Shuttle staff and the class participants. I have volunteered at many other places, but these classes somehow are very special to me and dear to my heart.

How would you help us recruit a new volunteer?

I would tell them about my experiences and how gratifying it is to volunteer and be a part of everything the Food Shuttle does.

Banana Ice Cream

Satisfy your sweet tooth fix without the added calories and preservatives by making 1-ingredient banana ice cream. Simply freeze bananas and put them in the food processor to blend. The natural sugar content is so high in this fruit that the consistency of the ice cream is very thick like slow-churned ice cream. This recipe is healthy, and additive-free!

By Lindsay Humbert, IFFS Digital Media Specialist. Contact: Lindsay@FoodShuttle.org