IFFS 2015 "Growing" Report

It's here! In keeping with our tagline "We Feed. We Teach. We Grow.", our 2015 Growing Report illustrates the difference our volunteers, donors, staff, and partners made last year in the fight against hunger. Click the report below for a larger view or jump to highlights.

2015 Annual Report


IFFS has no single large funder - 81% of our revenue is generously donated by individuals, businesses, and family foundations. We are truly a grassroots organization with grassroots support.

WE FEED: 42% of the 6 million pounds of food we rescue is produce. Over 50,000 people are fed each month by various IFFS programs.

WE TEACH: Over 3,000 people benefited from our teaching programs in nutrition education, culinary job training, and agricultural training.

WE GROW: IFFS created access to healthy food in 202 community sites throughout our 7 counties.

None of this would have been possible without over 6,500 volunteers helping run our programs.

Thanks to each and every one of you who support us in so many ways!