Food Shuttle passes rigorous AIB Audit!

I want to share some very exciting news! As you may know, Feeding America established a standard that all member food banks must successfully pass an AIB audit by March 2016. The AIB audit is an extremely challenging and comprehensive process, and we have been in active preparation for our inspection since January.  Previously, only one food bank in NC had successfully passed the AIB audit process. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s audit was conducted on Wednesday, October 28th and we received one of the highest scores the inspector has ever given! We received a score of 925 out of a maximum of 1,000. Needless to say, our Food Recovery and Distribution (FRD) staff were delighted with the outcome. Over the past several months, the warehouse at the Malone Center has been transformed to meet criteria in safe food handling and storage; operational methods and personnel practices; pest management and sanitation practices; along with food defense procedures.

DavewithAIBcertificatePlease join me in celebrating this accomplishment and in congratulating our FRD staff for a job well done. However, this accomplishment could not have happened without the effort and support of the entire Food Shuttle staff. I am truly humbled by the dedication and amazing work of the Food Shuttle team!

In appreciation,

Dave Koch IFFS Executive Director

Who is AIB?

AIB International trains and enforces food safety and production standards for clients worldwide. They empower clients worldwide to elevate their food safety and production process capabilities through inspections, audits, and learning. The AIB food safety audit is conducted by a professionally trained staff of food safety auditors. Food processing facilities which participate in the in-plant audit program receive a complete examination and technical assistance in all areas that affect product integrity, regulatory, exposure and pesticide use. Personnel training is vital to the success of any program and AIB has provided more than 50 years of quality service.

About AIB Audits

AIB provides a comprehensive list of audits and inspections that describe the requirements of a superior food safety program, and are recognized by food companies as a measure of world-class programs that qualify for business worldwide. AIB audits are backed by more than 60 years of experience in the field for food manufacturing, beverages, ingredients and packaging. AIB conducts audits in more than 120 countries ranging from multinationals to small, independent producers. Every auditor receives extensive classroom and practical experience before conducting an audit. Staff training is updated every year to maintain the highest quality of professionalism.