The Farm Must Go On!

So you think you want to farm?

Our incubator farmers on the Teaching Farm got a lesson from IFFS Farm Manager Kay Coleman and IFFS Farm Educator Beau Wagoner in dealing with the weather this morning.

"One of the biggest challenges for farmers is the weather!" said Coleman. "It seems like there is always one weather challenge or another....too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, too windy, too snowy. Daily weather conditions have to be considered in your daily planning."

Thanks to the hard work and planning of Farmer Kay and Farmer Beau, our animals are warm and fed today. But for many of our neighbors, especially seniors, that is sadly not the case today. Fortunately, there are many ways (both large and small) to lend a hand or some extra produce.

While the roads are too slick to travel, enjoy a few animal photos from our Tryon Road Teaching Farm of our "surprise" snowy weather this morning.

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If you're interested in spending a day on the Teaching Farm with our friendly goats, chickens, and farmers, then sign up now for our "Farm Madness" Workday on Saturday, March 21st! Wear your school colors and work together as a team to complete small chores and special projects that keep our farm running and growing fresh, healthy produce for our community.

Volunteering at the Teaching Farm is an excellent way for community members of all ages to gain new experiences and learn about local food, where the food you eat comes from, and the benefits of growing healthy produce.


By Lindsay Humbert, IFFS Digital Media Specialist. Contact: