Buy local in NC! Here's what's in season:

Here is a great resource for foods that are seasonal to North Carolina. Use this tool to as a guide when shopping for produce, nuts, and seafood in our state! Click on the link below and print it out to take with you when shopping for groceries:

NC 10% Campaign Seasonal Food Guide

Fun Fact:

In North Carolina, peanuts are our State Nut and sweet potatoes are our State Vegetable. Why do you think this is? *Hint: check your NC seasonal food guide brochure!

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Because they are seasonal in NC year-round!

Where can you find local, seasonal food? At your local farmers market and farm stands including IFFS's farm stand at Tryon & Dover Rd in Raleigh!

Kristina at the farm stand

We're open every Thursday & Friday from 12-6pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm! E-mail if you'd like to receive weekly e-mail updates about what produce we have for sale!