Help Welcome our Summer Food Matters Interns!

Please join with the Nutrition Department of the Food Shuttle in welcoming two of our new summer interns (and sending two of our brightest seasoned interns out into the world)!

Jay Myatt and Karima Boukary have come aboard the nutrition team as Health Educators at our Mobile Markets for the summer season, and will be taking the place of our two adored and faithful current interns, Aubrey Mahall and Brenda Nuncio, in leading the Food Matters nutrition education program.

Aubrey and Brenda have been interning with the Food Shuttle for nine consecutive months, dedicating their valuable time and skills to our programs, but now the time has come to say goodbye. As we are sad to see them go, we are also very excited for them and for the new chapters of their lives that lie ahead.

                    Aubrey                       Brenda

                                       (Aubrey)                                                         (Brenda)

We are also excited to introduce Jay and Karima and have high hopes that their time here will be a time of personal growth along with the growth that they will add to our Food Matters program. Get to know Jay and Karima (pictured together above) more in depth by reading their bios below:

Jay Myatt:

Jay is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a double minor in Agroecology and Sustainable Energy. He has prior experience volunteering with the Food Shuttle, as well as experience in elementary education with the Physical Education Pupil Instructor Program. In the future, he plans to join the Eco-tourism industry. Jay LOVES to eat; therefore, he loves to cook. His favorite foods are low-fat vegetarian lasagna, spaghetti with spicy Italian sausage, and homemade mashed potatoes. In his spare time, Jay loves to swim, play music, and is a part of North Carolina State University’s Marching Band. Jay is excited for this internship because it will give him a chance to make a change in so many people’s lives, while at the same time allowing him to apply things that he has learned on the journey to earning his degree. He is looking forward to meeting new people from all walks of life, and helping them understand the importance of health and nutrition.

Karima Boukary:

Karima is originally from Bloomington, Indiana. She moved to North Carolina several years ago to study Applied Nutrition Science at NC State University. She now works in Group Fitness in addition to health education, and loves sharing information about health and wellness with the community. Her goals with the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle are to learn more about sustainable food options, gain a better understanding of the community, and grow as a teacher and leader in nutrition.