Getting at the root causes of hunger sometimes means rooting around in the dirt.

IFS_squash-hunger_d03September is Hunger Action Month. Learn how volunteers help us SQUASH HUNGER every day. Volunteers Bob and Michelle show how they glean produce that otherwise would have rotted in the field and get it into the hands of our neighbors in need.

We're always looking for groups and individuals to help us glean local farmers fields. The idea is simple. Farmers call us when they have extra crops. We bring a farmer-trained volunteer crew, gather the produce, and distribute it to people in need in our seven-county area. Anyone can volunteer at a Field Gleaning. It's a wonderful way to connect, and you can easily make a big difference for our less fortunate neighbors.

AND, we need volunteers to drive trucks to and from gleanings, and on our daily food rescue and food distribution routes!

Sign up to volunteer today, and help us SQUASH HUNGER!

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