“Food Is Beautiful”

September is Hunger Action Month. Learn how Inter-Faith Food Shuttle volunteers and staff BEET HUNGER every day -- through programs like our Culinary Job Training Program -- and how YOU can join in the fight through Catering with a Cause!

No one knows better than Kitty Banks how food can lead to opportunity. Over a decade ago, she was struggling and alone, but IFFS’ Culinary Job Training Program was the second chance she needed. Twelve years later Chef Kitty leads IFFS’ nonprofit catering service, Catering with a Cause. As Kitty says,

“Food is everything… it’s like the olive branch, able to cross many bridges to simply allow me to connect to all different types of people. If a child is mad or having a bad day, I can make them smile with a simple grape. Food is beautiful.”

The Culinary Job Training Program is an eleven-week hands-on program taught by IFFS’ professional chefs and a social worker. Men and women with severe life challenges are prepared for careers in food service by learning in the Food Shuttle commercial kitchen. The program addresses the root causes of hunger by teaching skills for self-sufficiency. Some of the graduates become paid interns who staff Catering with a Cause. All profits are reinvested in the Culinary Job Training Program and other hunger relief programs. Catering with Cause specializes in box lunches, and lunch and dinner buffets, using purchased ingredients from local sources where possible, and fresh vegetables in season from the IFFS Teaching Farm. In additional to their delicious regular menu, they've even got a seasonal autumn specials menu out - check it out here!

Help us BEET HUNGER by placing your next catering order with Catering with a Cause. It’s a delicious way to support your community! Donate today or sustain our programs year round with monthly Ground Level Giving.