WEGarden Creativity: Growing Strong

In the West End Neighborhood Community Garden in Durham, IFFS works with neighborhood youth.  The garden is a place to grow food and to grow ourselves as we connect to each other, to the soil, and to the food we cultivate.  Not only does the garden provide a source of fresh produce and herbs for the community, it also provides jobs and income for young people. We employ teens from the community to work in the garden there. As we all share these experiences, we contribute to a strong and vibrant community. Here are some creative pieces by the teens on what they think of community gardening in the West End: Eshe Brooks:

Livestrong, Like an elderly citizen standing Tall. Livestrong, Like a young baby. Beginning to walk. Livestrong, Like an oak tree holding On to the ground. Livestrong, Like vegetables growing By the pound. Livestrong, AND Don’t give up Livestong, AND You will make it. 

West End 5


Tyreek Frye:

My first day in the garden was great!  I’m very proud too have this job.  I love to be able to think how I’m getting paid for something I like doing.  I love being able to water the plants and help the plants grow and help them live longer.

West End garden bed


Melisha Nicholson:

Me and the tomato we both are quiet Me and the tomato like to help people Me and the tomato both live in this tall world. But we are just good friends.

West End garden intern


Gene Aiken:

Over the course of my work time here in the garden I have experienced many things.  One such experience was how so many people enter the garden as volunteers and visitors.  Each person was different and so I had to react in a different way its really helped to improve my social skills.  It also helped to improve my connections.  Besides the benefits socially, my work experience has also improved.  I feel like I would be much more capable in a job now then I was originally.  The job has also helped me develop a satisfactory way to budget my money being able to make room for wants and needs successfully.