IFFS Produce at Raleigh Farmers Markets!

The Food Shuttle Farm is entering the summer season, and cucumbers are bountiful, as are new potatoes and carrots! New this week: Pea shoots and water cress from our aquaponic system! Did you know that you can buy produce grown on our Raleigh Teaching Farm at two Raleigh farmers markets?  Come see us at the Midtown Farmers Market on Saturdays 8am-noon and the Downtown Raleigh Farmers Market 10am - 2pm on Wednesdays!

We grow local agricultural opportunities for our Young Farmer Training Program and community members in order to create a healthy and secure local food system. Revenues from our farm sales go to the teen apprentices and to fund Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's proactive hunger relief programs!

This week we have:

  • Basil – fresh summer flavor
  • Lettuce  Mix – Red and green leaf, very pretty and fresh. Spicy mix available, too!
  • Water cress – fresh from our aquaponic growing system!
  • Pea shoots – bumper crop, 3” tall
  • Tri-color Swiss Chard
  • Carrots – best in town!
  • New potatoes (amazing flavor)
  • Yellow Summer Squash – small and tender
  • We’ve also got
    • Transplants - tomato, pepper, and basil, grown in leaf  mold and worm casting
    • Soil amendments – red wrigglers to start your own vermicomposting worm bin, worm castings (black gold, the ultimate soil amendment!), and leaf mold (composted and pH neutral)

For more information, contact our farm manager Neal Wisenbaker at Neal@FoodShuttle.org. Look for updates on what's growing at Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's farm and what's available each week at the farmers markets via our Facebook and Twitter!