What is That Thing?

Photo by SimplyRecipes.com

This week, the infamous Kohlrabi arrived in my CSA box.  My boyfriend, sheltered from all things farm and garden, was the first to encounter it.  His reaction, "What is that thing?"  Laughing, I explained to him that this veggie is a relative to cabbage and cauliflower, sweeter than a potato, and similar in texture to most root vegetables.  Kohlrabi is now in season in the Piedmont, and because the "What is that thing?" response is unfortunately common, you can get it for a pretty cheap price.  Visit any farmers' market in the area, or your local grocery store and look for some Kohlrabi to purchase.  All of us at Cooking Matters, Food Matters, and Shopping Matters want to encourage you to try new foods, experiment, and keep things fun!  Checkout the link below for some clever Kohlrabi recipes.  I made the Kohlrabi and Apple Slaw.  Yum!

Kohlrabi Recipes by Simply Recipes