Backpacks, Marbles and MLK

We at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, as well as the members of Marbles Kid's Museum, feel that MLK Day is an important day of service and providing for our local community. So this past Monday,  Marbles Kid's Museum and the IFFS BackPack Buddies program teamed up for a special service event in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. We set up two long tables full of healthy and nutritious food items that we pack into our backpacks. We then let children and adults who were visiting the museum that day participate in service by packing the backpacks. These backpacks will now go to feed children on the weekend who are food insecure. It was a great way to take some of the great ideals that Dr. King preached about and put them into action.

BPB Marbles

BackPacks at Marbles

This is the second year we held this event, and we plan do this again next year in case you missed out. Thanks to everybody who helped out and to Marbles for allowing us to do this at the Museum!

Reminder: We're still looking for more backpacks so we can reach even more food-insecure children this year! See our last post for more information.