Back to School... Tips for Healthy and Delicious Lunches!

Kids get bored of eating the same sandwich day after day. Here are a few quick-fix tips to make your family healthy, fun, and safe lunches to go!

  •  Have your child help kids are more likely to eat something that they helped to create; whether it’s cooking, assembling, or just packing.
  • Make it fun! – Get out the cookie cutters and have fun with sandwiches, pack miniature versions of classics, or even skewer food onto toothpicks.
  • Read labels and consider portions Limit processed and pre-packed products since they are the easiest way to overload on carbs, sugar, and sodium. Buy family sized bags of pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit.  Separate into individual bags to grab on the go!
  • Use Leftovers If your child ate the pasta salad last night for dinner, chances are they’ll love eating it for lunch too. This is a great way to save time and to avoid packing the same thing every day. Just remember to equip them with the proper utensils.
  • Fruit of the Day- Kids should eat at least 3 cups of fruits and vegetables daily and the lunchbox is a great way to get some of those servings in!  Try to pack fruits in separate baggies so that their smell doesn’t permeate throughout the entire lunchbox
  • Include a Snack- Healthy snacking gives kids the energy to stay focused throughout the day. Finger foods (grapes, carrots, crackers) are great for this, as is trail mix or pop corn.
  • Keep it Safe – make sure to include an ice pack in your child’s lunch box to keep cold food cold until lunch time!


  • Apple or celery slices and peanut butter
  • Leftover veggies tossed with pasta, rice, or quinoa & dressing
  • Make your own home-made trail mix: cereal, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit or raisins, and/or few chocolate bits
  • Mini pizzas with whole wheat English muffins
  • Fruit, veggie, and cheese kebabs
  • Whole wheat tortillas or wraps filled with any combo of deli meats, cheese, spreads, and veggies
  • Cold soup (like gazpacho)
  • Nut butter with banana or apple on mini whole wheat bagels
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Cut up fruit and yogurt
  • Raw or steamed veggies and hummus