Plant a Row: All Systems Go!

Plant a Row for the Hungry drop-off sites are now up and running in Raleigh, Durham, and Pittsboro. We’ve just added the Durham Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market in Durham, and Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro to our list! Visit our website to find the most convenient drop-off site to you. Thanks to everyone who came out to our kick off events and took the pledge to squash hunger by planting a row! I knew our efforts would meet with success when gardeners brought fresh picked lettuce and greens with them to sign up! We received 27 pounds on our first day at the Durham Farmers Market and about 50 pounds at Chatham Marketplace! Y’all rock!

Much thanks and gratitude to our volunteers Liz, Gina, and Michelle from Take and Eat Pantry for their invaluable help and winning smiles. Thanks to our sponsors, Stone Brothers and Byrd and Naked Fruits, and congrats to the winners of our drawings:

Lew Wardell, Mellange Lackey, Katie Vaughn, Jocelyn Glazier, Patrick Linder, and Maurice Wernes won bags of Black Kow compost from Stone Brothers and Byrd in Durham.

Lenore Yarger won a gift certificate to Chatham Marketplace, and Don Nonini won a Durham Farmers Market t-shirt.

Sarah Wolff, Perry Sugg, and Lynn Hicks each won permaculture consultations with Naked Fruits, a Carrboro landscape designer. We hope you all will keep in touch about the transformations these consultations may potentially inspire!

We’re excited about our strong start in Durham and Chatham, and the continued support the Raleigh gardening community has shown, especially Logan Trading Company.

Do you know anyone who would make a good candidate for Plant a Row? Please help spread the word! The more people PAR-ticipate, the more fresh, local produce we are able to provide to people in need.