Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Impact - Tornado Aftermath



Raleigh, NC - Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (IFFS) reports on impact of Emergency Relief to devastated neighborhoods a month after tornadoes hit the Triangle. In the first week after tornadoes hit our state, IFFS:

  • • Distributed over 150,000 pounds of emergency food and water
  • • Provided boxes filled with food to more than 1325 people in 350 families
  • • Prepared and served 1,000 free, hot meals a day for four days
  • • Served a full Easter Dinner, complete with Easter Baskets

IFFS distributed an average of ten tons of emergency food each day to people impacted by the tornadoes and served hot meals where the tornadoes hit hardest. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle worked with the City of Raleigh, Red Cross and NC Baptist Men to provide them with food and supplement their efforts in the Triangle. In addition to our immediate emergency efforts, IFFS held free mobile markets in the Stony Brook neighborhood and Four Oaks community. We also distributed directly to families more than 1000 food boxes. Despite the fact that Inter-Faith Food Shuttle did not have power itself days after the tornadoes, IFFS staff and volunteers meet the emergency needs and continued delivering our planned services and distribution.

“Our community came together to help address the emergency. Companies and organizations called wanting to donate food and volunteers just showed up at our doors and asked what they could do to help. Food Shuttle put them to work and distributed the food to people in need,” said Terri Hutter, COO Food Service & Job Training for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.

The need continues and Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is committed to continue to help families impacted by the tornadoes by increasing the food collected for and distributed to our 212 partner programs and agencies (soup kitchens, shelters, pantries, etc), conducting free mobile markets and delivering food boxes. We are working closely with our distribution partners in areas hardest hit to provide much needed food.

If You Need Help:

Please call the Inter-Faith food Shuttle at (919) 250-0043.

If You Would Like to Help

  1.  Donate Money –Donate online or send a check to P.O. Box 14638, Raleigh NC 27620.
  2.  Donate Food - Come to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, 1001 Blair Drive, in Raleigh, NC 27620. Food Items most needed:
    • Fresh Produce
    •  Dry Goods- Rice, Beans, Flour, Sugar, Grits, Oatmeal
    •  100% Juice (large bottles or individual)
    •  Canned Meats (Tuna, Chicken)
    •  Cereal
    •  Healthy Snacks
    •  Water (jugs or bottles)

3. Donate Your Time – Volunteer! Please visit our website to sign up or call (919) 250-0043.

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle in Action

Video: Food In, Food Prepared & Food Out - Jill Staton Bullard, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s co-founder and executive director.


The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle has been increasing access to healthy, fresh produce for low-income community members for more than 22 years. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle pioneers innovative, transformative solutions designed to end hunger in our community. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is a non-traditional Food Bank of Feeding America and an United Way Agency of Excellence.