Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Delivers Emergency Food to Triangle Without Power of Phones at Headquarters


Responding to the emergency need for food in the Triangle after this weekend's series of tornadoes, the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is delivering food today to non-profit agencies across the Triangle. Without power or phones, more than ten refrigerated trucks are on the roads delivering healthy, nutritious food. IFFS staff members are using cell phones to assess the needs of the 212 partner agencies, rerouting trucks and sending food to soup kitchens, pantries and other emergency agencies so they can feed victims of the storm and members of the community experiencing food hardship.

Jill Staton Bullard, the co-founder and executive director of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, commented, "All of us here at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle are working to collect food and deliver it to people who have lost everything and to people who are hungry. Beyond the network of our agencies, we are delivering to parking lots where people are in need."

To make food donations, please call Don Eli (919)609-0939 To make monetary donations, please donate online Members of the media please contact: Melissa Hartzell (919) 414-2069 or Jill Staton Bullard (919) 812-1885.


ABOUT INTER-FAITH FOOD SHUTTLE The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle has been increasing access to healthy, fresh produce and food for low-income community members for more than 22 years. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle pioneers innovative, transformative solutions designed to end hunger in our community. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is a non-traditional Food Bank of Feeding America and United Way Agency of Excellence.