BackPack Buddies: Coming To An Office Near You!

I typically do not go to offices and do packings ... usually groups come into our warehouse. However, I was approached about loading up the truck and bringing my show on the road by Johnson Lambert & Co Accounting. Despite being right smack in the middle of tax season they really wanted to do something to help the BackPack Buddies Program. So I agreed to come to their office with lots of food and backpacks to be assembled. When I arrived they helped me unload the truck and set-up. After which they pointed out the pile of food they had collected for BackPack Buddies in addition to wanting to pack backpacks. It weighed out at 363 lbs! They were extremely generous and helpful to use their valuable time to help out children in their communtiy. The packing went great! They finished in about 30 mintues and helped load the truck up. I truly appreciate the help and hope to do it again in the future!

Junior League BackPack Buddies