A young hunger fighter's birthday request

For her birthday party this year, 7-year-old Elle asked for unusual gifts from her friends and family: canned veggies, soups, mac'n'cheese, oatmeal, granola bars and 100% juice boxes.

After volunteering in the Food Shuttle warehouse with the Duke School earlier this year, Elle heard about our BackPack Buddies program and decided she wanted to help kids her age who are hungry for her birthday instead of receiving gifts. Now, that's a generous attitude!

elle BPB 1

Elle and her Mom stopped by the Food Shuttle last week to bring 343 pounds of food for BackPack Buddies from Elle's birthday party! Enthusiastic and proud to share with others, Elle unloaded the food from her car to bring into the warehouse.

elle BPB 2



All the food donated from the birthday party will provide healthy meals for children over the weekend. We are so grateful to have young hunger fighters, like Elle, who realize they can make a difference for a neighbor in need. Elle, you are one awesome girl! Thanks for helping to feed kids in our community.

elle BPB 3


Want to help feed hungry children this school year? You can volunteer your time, donate money or host a food drive for BackPack Buddies.

Click here to get involved.