Ripe Recipe : Grilled Beets and Green Beans

Today's Ripe Recipe is fresh from the kitchen of Sally Bache!

We’ve got green beans & beets ready in our garden now, and I’ve been trying to use them up. Last night I did something that turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself.

Grilled Beets and Green Beans topped with Goat Cheese

  1. I harvested a couple of med/large beets and cubed them at about ¾” and then tossed them with olive oil & kosher salt & put them into a grill basket.
  2. When the beets were about half-way done, I added about ½ pound green beans, also tossed in olive oil & salt.
  3. When the veggies were done—still a bit crisp, but also a bit of char for flavor—I pulled them off of the grill and dabbed on some herbed goat cheese.
  4. Serve with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and you’ll find that this dish is way more than the sum of the parts!