Melissa's final stretch on the Pound for Pound Challenge!

The end is in sight! Losing 40 pounds by her 40th birthday in June is no small feat, but Melissa is finishing strong with only 3 pounds to go to help the Food Shuttle drive hunger from the community. Inter-Faith Food Shuttle will receive a pound of food for every pound of weight pledged on the Pound for Pound Challenge website. Many thanks to Melissa for sharing her experiences on the blog!

By: Melissa Wajnert Hartzell

"I can see the finish line...only 3 more pounds to go. So far I have lost 37 pounds in the Pound for Pound Challenge... Do you think I will be able to help hungry people by achieving my goal of losing 40 pounds by June 30th? I sure hope so... and I will take any and all advice, positive energy, prayers, pledges, etc. Thank you to my friends and family who have been supporting me... here is to the final stretch... Here is to the last 3 pounds in 14 days!"

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