Don't forget to eat your veggies-Whitney says so!

It's that time again- here is another dose of Elizabeth's Friday Full of Fun! If your favorite desert is pecan pie, nutrition intern Whitney Hlubik might recommend a new one to you! For this week’s Friday Full of Fun, I ventured down the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle hallway to her office to find out more about Whitney and the nutrition programs at IFFS!  Originally from New Jersey, Whitney attended St. Louis University.  She also had an internship at East Carolina University, and is currently working on her Maters of Public Health at the University of Chapel Hill while interning with us here at the Food Shuttle.  Whitney not only interns with IFFS but she is also filling in as the Registered Dietitian while Katherine is on maternity leave.

I went in and asked her a few questions and I also attended an Operation Frontline class at St. Augustine campus, a six-week series of nutrition lessons and hands-on cooking.  Whitney taught the nutrition portion of the class and then Chef Nick took over and prepared a “tex-mex” dish with the teens! The class put an entertaining twist on eating healthy- click here for a detailed blog with photos of the class!

Have you enjoyed interning at IFFS so far?

“Yes, of course!  I chose IFFS because of its goals and mission- they have a very positive outlook on feeding people.  I wanted to be involved in Feeding America, etc.”

What do you enjoy most about fighting hunger?

Knowing that I am actually making a difference”

What is your guilty pleasure food?

Dark chocolate-which I have everyday!”

What is one food group you wish more people ate?

“Vegetables!  People eat a lot of fruit but never enough vegetables.”

What is one thing you wish more people did?

“Eat more meals at home!”

What is the worst thing anyone could eat

Pecan pie- its pure sugar!”

Whitney works hard and eats right- but she could still use your help!  She needs volunteers for short nutrition demos at the Food Shuttle's mobile farmers markets!!” Please email for more information and volunteer opportunities.  Many thanks to Whitney- and remember to swap that slice of pecan pie for some fresh vegetables!