Plant A Row kicks off a new season!

Over 115 folks signed up at Saturday's Kick-Off at Logan's to put their roots down with the Food Shuttle and Plant A Row for the Hungry! (click here to learn how to join!) We were thrilled to see many new gardeners and green thumbs alike take the pledge to be PAR members and donate some produce from their garden to feed people in need in the Greater Triangle. The Kick-Off wouldn't have been possible without our great PARtner - Logan's Trading Co.! Thanks to Logan's, WPTF Weekend Gardener, Mayor Meeker, Master Gardeners and all of you all who came out and took the pledge!

It was quite the PARty as WPTF's Weekened Gardener broadcasted live from Logan's (even Farmer Sun got a chance to shine on the show!), kids planted watermelon seeds with OFL volunteers, and Chris gave a couple garden demos and tip sessions!  Logan's even had a composter raffle and some ladies from Master Gardeners were on hand to answer questions.

Even Mayor Meeker stopped by! Take a look at the video below to see what he'll be planting this year for Plant A Row.

Stay tuned all week for videos of Ernie from the Durham Rescue Mission and new 2010 PAR members share what they'll be planting. Andy Beal's always-awesome photos will be posted, too.