Meet a Hunger Fighter!

 If you come to the warehouse, you'll often find Stanley doing one of the many important jobs that the warehouse needs help with. Recently he was helping clean out and fix the ice machine. But, luckily, he wasn't too busy to take some time to talk with us about why he is such a dedicated volunteer!

Who: Stanley Daniels

What: Everything someone could possibly do in the warehouse, except drive trucks. More specifically: unloading the trucks, sweeping floors, storing goods, and anything else you can think of.

When: Every chance he gets, but at least 5-6 times a week.

How long: About 7-8 months.


“I’ve been unemployed, so this has given me something good to do. Volunteering makes me feel good inside, because I can get out and help. I was lost for a few months, but when I found Inter-Faith Food Shuttle my spirits had been lifted back up by my volunteer work. This all started as community service, but after working for Dennis, the best boss I’ve ever had, and Mrs. Jill, who's such a beautiful person; has really made me enjoy working here.”

Stanley and Dennis have formed a close bond during Stanley's time here and the two of them really like working together.