50th class graduates Friday and today's N&O feature story

You've been following the Culinary Job Training Program's 50th class right here on the blog since the students first walked in the door 11 weeks ago. Now, it's the week of graduation! These 9 men and women will graduate on Friday and leave the Food Shuttle empowered with job, life and culinary skills for the bright future ahead.

Graduation Seat Giveaway!

For this milestone graduation celebration ceremony, we are drawing names for 2 seats at Friday's graduation. The ceremony is a beautiful time where the students invite friends and family and prepare a fabulous meal for the guests! It's a great time to celebrate with the students and see first hand how lives are changed. Graduation is Friday from 12:00-2:00pm at our Raleigh location. The 2 winners must be on Twitter and will be announced tomorrow by 4:00pm. The rules are simple:

  1. Direct Message the Food Shuttle on Twitter - @FoodShuttle
  2. Make sure your message mentions the 50th graduation contest to be submitted into the contest.
  3. Keep an eye on @FoodShuttle's Twitter account for the winner's to be announced!