Shuttle Spottin'!

Take a look at this quick video of Eric, one of our Food Recovery Specialists, showing off a new design on one of our trucks. We think it looks pretty sharp.

This got us talking around the communications dept. about our trucks. A lot of people know the Food Shuttle because of seeing our trucks around town.That's great, because our trucks embody our approach to hunger relief. We're different from traditional food banks because we are out in the communities we serve, in our trucks, recovering and delivering food to people in need. That philosophy of going to where the need is, being fast and flexible in our approach, permeates the Food Shuttle and allows us to be on the cutting edge of hunger relief.

So we want to start a new feature on the Behind the Scenes Blog. We want you to start Shuttle Spottin'. When you're around town and see a Food Shuttle truck, snap a picture on your phone or your device of choice, send it to, and we'll feature it on the blog*.  You saw the video of the new design and here are some pictures of the other trucks so you'll know what to be on the lookout for. Good luck and get to Shuttle Spottin'!


* Please, don't try to snap a picture while you're driving or put yourself in danger (or break any traffic laws!).