Reaching a milestone

Tomorrow begins the 50th Culinary Job Training Program class. It’s hard to believe that the program began over 10 years ago, and we’ve been through 49 graduations that send unemployed or underemployed folks into the culinary field with newly acquired job skills! The last class ended up being our largest class to date- 11 men and women! Andy Beal took the photos at the ceremony and captured the joy and anticipation of the future in people’s faces quite well. Check out the pictures. In honor of this milestone, we’ll be following students of the 50th class right here on the blog as they learn knife skills, how to make sauces, and earn the ServSafe® Certification. By the time graduation rolls around in 11 weeks, you’ll see a glimpse of the strenuous program the students must complete and get to know the students along the way.

Best of luck to the 50th class!