Mid-week Crew Call and winter weather plan

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Farm and Garden


 Once again we are going to have a mid-week crew call for those of you out there who cannot do weekends.  If the weather permits we’d love to have you out on Thursday!


  • Thursday, Jan 28th from 3:00-5:30pm at Mayview neighborhood in Raleigh.  We will be working on the irrigation system there and preparing the beds for more rain and snow.   Please come out and join us if you are able.  See below for the winter weather plan first! (Click here for directions)
  • Though the work has slowed down, Amanda is still working with community members out in the gardens and would love your help during the week if you’re free. Please email Amanda (email above) if you want to join and for directions.
    • Fridays    4-5pm  -  Mayview


Please note that with the winter weather we might have to cancel crew calls and volunteer times at the last minute.  Often the ground is too wet or frozen from previous weather, even if it is nice outside at the time of the crew call.  If you are interested in coming to an event and note bad weather please call the Food Shuttle (919.250.0043) an hour before the scheduled time to confirm that we are still going out if you have not heard from us at that point.

LOCAVORE LUNCH – Every Wednesday!

Every Wednesday at noon we are holding local agricultural discussion groups at Farmhouse Pizza, 3011 Hillsborough St. in Raleigh. We will be serving a pizza made using some (hopefully soon to be all) local ingredients from NCSU's Farmers' Market. Please RSVP to Steve (steven.p.horton@gmail.com) so he knows many pizzas to have made.  If you can contribute, he is asking for a $5 donation... if you can't afford the cost we’ll gladly cover you in return for good conversation!   A portion of the proceeds will go to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. This week's topic will be social networking. We will discuss which local agriculture groups you can join up with to find out about events that may interest you.


We are still in need of hand-tool donations.  We gladly accept new and/or lightly used equipment. Thanks to all who have responded.

New Volunteer?

If you have not filled out a volunteer form or have a friend who is interested in helping out please email Janet at RGSJRS@aol.com.

Hope to see you all out there!

Katherine, Sun, & Amanda