Merry Christmas to Bob and to Bob a good night

Remember back a few months ago when we went a little BobDylan crazy? Here's the proof. What nutty times those were! But it was all for a great cause. Proceeds from Bob's Christmas album, "Christmas in the Heart" benefit Feeding America, the national food bank network of which the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is a proud member. We can tell by the handy stats we get that many of you who stop by Behind-The -Scenes at the Food Shuttle blog are  looking for the latest news on Bob. We're happy to be associated with him.  We know that Bob Dylan, unlike windbreaker undershirts, will never go out of fashion. The fact is we're too busy developing and operating innovative solutions to hunger to be able to cover Bob as extensively as you may like, but we can still help out now and again.

Here's the video for "Must be Santa", fresh from the new album. If you like it, pick up a few copies of "Christmas in the Heart" for your family and friends. It'll make a great gift and help fight hunger in the US (a problem that is getting worse, not better).