Impact of BackPack Buddies at YE Smith Elementary

YE Smith Elementary Museum School Principal Cassandra Fogg shares how BackPack Buddies has positively impacted students at her school:

YE Smith Elementary Museum School Counselor Sherine Vernon testifies to the BackPack Buddies program's positive impact on students at her school:

"YE Smith Elementary Museum School has been a recipient of our BackPack Buddies program for approximately one month. The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and its donors provide BackPacks that are filled with six nutritious meals for the weekend. Currently, we have 25 families that are benefiting from this program."

"One may ask, 'How does this program help the students?' The students are eager to get the bookbags. When I walk into the classroom their faces light up and they ask, 'Are you bringing my bookbag?' When they see me in the hallway they are waving and beaming."

"There is a difference in their behavior. Recently, one of the recipients asked me: 'Will we be getting bookbags for Thanksgiving?' So, we see that it is a necessity. When a child asks in advance it tells that she is thinking and trying to ensure her needs are being met."

"I also have other students and parents to inquire as to how they can become involved. With the amount of bookbags available we aren’t able to add anymore families at this time. However, the hope is that in the future that may change. We are grateful and appreciative of the efforts of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. Thank you for the support you provide to our children."

You can bring hope and joy into the lives of some kids in the Greater Triangle by providing for this basic need. Join the team of BackPack Buddies supporters by volunteering, holding a food drive, or donating ($35 feeds a child for a month) to help hungry kids just like those at YE Smith.