End of the Year List!

What's the best part about the end of year? College Football Bowl season stands out. And of course New Year's Eve has a big following. We at the Behind the Scenes blog enjoy a good end of the year list, so we're doing one ourselves.  How about this: top five online Food Shuttle moments of 2009? We've really branched out in 09. We're on The Blogs, The Facebook, The Twitter, The Youtubes, The Flickr. We're everywhere. It's been fun, so we'll look back over of favorite moments the rest of the week. Let's get started.

Top 5 Online Food Shuttle Moments of 2009

5. The first annual Thanksgiving Twitterthon. This was actually a lot of moments, but we'll count it as one. We've got some great cooks on staff at IFFS, so we challenged them to send us their best Thanksgiving menu items and we posted the recipes for a complete Thanksgiving meal exclusively to our Twitter site.

4. Name the Chickens Contest. Katherine (our Nutritionist) and her husband got some chickens in September, and we decided to have a contest on the blog to name them. A record-breaking 32 comments were posted on the blog containing creative and hilarious name suggestions for the new additions to the Andrew family.

3. Our website redesign. The amazing Nick Brown put in many long hours to redesign the Food Shuttle's website to be the organized and functional site it is today.

2. The Food Dude becomes a star. Since being introduced, Don the Food Dude has starred in many of the most popular Food Shuttle's videos on the web. Keep an eye out for official Food Dude t-shirts in 2010.

1. The Shuttle experiences the power of YouTube. Since our 1st video upload to YouTube, we've started to grasp hold of the exciting creative possibilities that video can have to showcase different aspects of the Food Shuttle. Bookmark or Subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on any new videos in 2010!

Happy New Year from everyone here at the Food Shuttle!