Will Allen @ McKimmon Center

Will Allen spoke to a packed house at the McKimmon Center last night. Thanks to CEFS for bringing him to town and for allowing the Food Shuttle to bring 20-30 kids who work in our community gardens out to hear him and get inspired. Will is the founder of Growing Power in Milwaukee, the national leader in intensive urban agriculture. Will walked us through the myriad ways his organization grows local foods in urban environments.

His talk was exciting for all of us from the Food Shuttle. Our Farms and Gardens Projectwas born to increase access to healthy, nutritious food for urban communitities. Right now, we operate three community gardens and a vegetable production farm. Will helped us see what else is possible.

Here are a few pictures from last night.

Chef Terri and Tonya Sun during the QandA Will Allen onstage

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And here's what the Food Shuttle's Katherine Andrew had to say about last night.