Sobering Facts about Hunger

Yesterday, the USDA released a report on the problem of hunger in the US. The numbers are truly heartbreaking. 22.5 % of all children live in households where food is sometimes scarce. 49 million Americans of all ages sometimes ran short of food in 2008. An excellent write-up and link to the report can be found at the Washington Post here. This report coincides with the United Nations Summit addressing world food security. From that gathering, we get this shocking statistic: across the world, 17,000 chidlren die each day due to hunger.  That equals out to 6 million children. Read more about the UN Summit here.

We talked with our Co-Founder and Executive Director Jill Staton Bullard about these new numbers.

As Jill said, WE NEED MORE PEOPLE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER.Your  local pantry or soup kitchen,  faith community, your local food bank, there are lots of options. If you want to learn more about how the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle works to fight hunger or you want to support what we do, please contact us. But this problem is bigger than one organization. Whereever you can, please make fighting hunger a priority.

How are you going to respond to the problem of hunger? Please share your plans in the comments.