Recent Hunger News

A couple weeks ago, we posted an entry on the blog that discussed the Food Shuttle's response to the growing number of Americans who are food insecure according to USDA's recent hunger report. The numbers are truly heartbreaking, and folks have started to see how hunger is growing to affect people every part of the country. Our mission at Inter-Faith Food Shuttle has always been to alleviate hunger in our community. Promoting community awareness that it is simply unacceptable for people to go hungry in our country is one way to fight hunger. We are grateful those in the media who share our passion for working together to end hunger, and report on issues surrounding that idea. Recently a few stories have hit the news stream informing the public about these rising hunger statistics and our Backpack Buddies program.

Clayton Henkel interviewed Jill and Jason on the NC Policy Watch show to discuss the recent increase in food insecurity in the Greater Triangle. You can listen to the interview on their blog by downloading the MP3 file here.

The Herald Sun published an articleabout the Digitalsmiths partnering with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. We are excited about the company's plan to support BackPack Buddies.

You can help us get out the word about the problem of hunger. Send out this link to your families and friends or encourage them to go to to learn more. We need more people becoming informed and passionate about hunger if we want to solve the problem.